Sitecore mobile website – Shared content tree structure – Part -1

I have seen few discussions floating on sitecore forums regarding the best way to implement a mobile site in sitecore. There are many different ways to implement mobile site in sitecore. I will try to share few of the ways which we have implemented based on different requirements and architecture for a site. Sitecore mobile site implementation is covered in a three post series, where each posts covers different ways to implement mobile site.

Sitecore Installation

It has been more than 100 times I would have installed sitecore without any issues, but there are always exceptions in technical world. I am sharing one of my sitecore installations error in this post where I was setting up sitecore in my new machine. We (Me & Kiran) lastly figured out that it had nothing to do with sitecore installation but was issue with IIS installation. So after completing sitecore installation if css, images and javascripts are not loading then below details might be helpful.

Sitecore MVC Error

You have just started with Sitecore MVC and might have watched a very good series of videos by Martina Welander. The point to write this post is after watching Part 1 video, I was still not able to run sitecore MVC on my machine. The obvious reason being, Martina’s video are for older version of Sitecore MVC whereas I was working on sitecore 7.2 and MVC 5.

Site Under Maintenance – Sum

Site Under Maintenance – SUM allows to place your sitecore website under maintenance mode and display a healthy message to your website visitors. This module come in handy while you might be carrying out maintenance, deployments, fixing defects, upgrading your website, moving or restructuring your content.

Single Sign On (SSO)- Sitecore

In most cases, if an organization has the domain controller set up, the workstations are usually included into a domain. Imagine that you have established a connection between the Managers organization unit and your Sitecore CMS installation. This means that the members of this organization unit are now able to work in Sitecore CMS according to their roles. Naturally, these users wish to be logged in to Sitecore CMS automatically. The other implementation of SSO can be for an Organization’s intranet site where in, once the user is logged into a domain the intranet site should authenticate them and display sections of the sites based on their roles. So if you are looking for SSO implementation with Sitecore for above scenarios this post might be helpful.

Sitecore Forums Know-How

One fine day on Sitecore forums I received a request to do a private message. It took me some time to find out how to do it. I enquired with my colleague Varun Shringarpure for it and he was like he has done it earlier but cannot recall how. Well private messaging is always catchy to eyes on the post, but somehow we were not able to see it.

This made me think why not to write a blog that covers various aspects for posting messages on Sitecore forums.

So let’s jump and see how Sitecore forums can deliver to the Sitecore developer’s community and makes a Sitecore learner’s life easy.

Sitecore Forum is an implementation of YetAnotherForum.Net which is an open source solution. Sitecore YAF, a module available on Sitecore Market Place allows YAF integration with Sitecore implementation.