Sitecore MediaIndexing Folder

On one of a Production CM servers we started getting frequent alerts about high disk space utilization and the drive on which Sitecore was installed getting full. With help of DevOps team yes, we configured a threshold value of disk space availability after which these alerts will be triggered. Allowing us to work proactively to […]

Sitecore Commerce Journal – Removing Default Environments – Habitat and AdventureWorks

Sitecore Commerce when installed on top of Sitecore comes with a lot of default data which includes default catalogs like Habitat and Advetureworks, default storefront and environments. In a production environment or for client implementation these default data should be cleaned up so below are steps that should be followed. Modify Config.json and Global.json First […]

Sitecore Commerce Journal – Adding New Language in Business Tools

With this 4th blog post on Sitecore Commerce Journal series, sharing a “How-To” about adding a new language to Sitecore Commerce Business Tools. Sitecore has been doing exceptionally well for supporting implementation of multilingual websites, isn’t it? How can we not have multiple languages support in Sitecore Commerce? It’s a fundamental need and the feature […]

Sitecore Commerce Journal – ODataUnrecognizedPathException: Resource not found for the segment

The structure for creating a sitecore commerce plugin is well defined and lot of samples and help is available online but when you start with actual implementation based on needs thing change a little. While working on creating an import plugin for Sitecore Commerce which will populate catalog, categories and products data into sitecore commerce, […]

Sitecore Commerce Journal – Plugin Visual Studio Templates – VSIX

Working on a Sitecore Commerce implementation has its own fun, challenges and learnings. It’s now almost a year when I started working on Sitecore Commerce. My embarkment for Sitecore Commerce has been a mix of smooth and a bumpy ride, where trying to learn alone, learning it from the fantastic sitecore community, falling while you […]

Azure Virtual Machine Primary Interface

Here’s a very quick way of finding out the primary interface of your Virtual Machine in Azure, if you got multiple Network Interface Cards. This will only function for your current subscription. #1. Simple Powershell Azure command get all the primary network interface card for your current subscription. Get-AzureRmNetworkInterface | ?{$_.Primary -eq $true} I had […]