Implementing CSS and JS in Sitecore

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) are included as a link to a file in websites. Most of the live sitecore solutions also follow the same pattern. Sitecore provides the flexibility to break free from the standard procedures and implement new solutions. There are different solutions to a single problem and Sitecore being flexible always helps to improve an implemented solution. CSS and JS implementation are no exceptions to it and there are different ways to incorporate them in Sitecore. I have come across few different CSS and JS implementations on Sitecore and would be discussing them in this blog post. I thought definitely there would be various implementations done by others in Sitecore Community and posted as blogs on the net. My search proved that my thinking was correct and hence I would not discuss all those implementation, instead share those implementations as links so that they can be found under one roof.

Sitecore Media Item download

Looking for a code that helps you download Media items from sitecore? This post might help you. Based on a project requirement I was asked to work on a functionality for having a download brochure drop down. A thought might have come to your mind why a drop down for downloading brochures, well my mind too said “what a wired request?”. Why not we just display links for the brochures. But we need to follow the designs and respect client’s requirements. So I created a drop down which displayed items that comes from a multilist field. Initially I had the media item’s url as the options value for my drop down, but then came across GetMediaStream() method which does the work for getting a media item into a stream so I tweaked my approach and passed item ID in the value for options.

End of string expected at position

“End of string expected at position” if you are facing this error definitely you are working on sitecore query. My sitecore query was working fine for few items and was giving above error for few other items. I compared the items and concluded that it had to do with the xpath keywods like “and” and “or” in the item names. To be cent percent sure, I tried the query with xpath builder tool in developer center and had the same error displayed.

Sitecore Azure – Kick Off

Recently I have a chance to work on Sitecore Azure, in this post I will share my experience with Sitecore Azure, pre-requisites for sitecore azure, installing sitecore azure, errors faced during installation and deployment of sitecore azure & their resolutions. So this post will help you to get started with Sitecore Azure. This post considers integration of Sitecore 7.2 and Sitecore Azure 7.2.

Sitecore mobile website – Shared content tree structure – Part -1

I have seen few discussions floating on sitecore forums regarding the best way to implement a mobile site in sitecore. There are many different ways to implement mobile site in sitecore. I will try to share few of the ways which we have implemented based on different requirements and architecture for a site. Sitecore mobile site implementation is covered in a three post series, where each posts covers different ways to implement mobile site.