Office365 Equipment-Conference Room Mailbox Setting-PowerShell Studio

So there’s been few instances that i have come across on Office365 specifically to Equipment and Conference room Mailbox, if you just create the Conference room in office 365 and don’t change the settings that Outlook user will not be able to see who’s occupying the room and the conference room in Outlook Calendar will only say as “Busy”, not an ideal situation.

Now the Office portal doesn’t give you that ability to change the Mailbox properties, you have to do it through PowerShell, however the information isn’t just readily available with PowerShell too, you have to dig in a little bit and then make the changes.

so i have managed to get it done with PowerShell few times and i thought it would be cool so put that all as a tool and put it online so that anybody can use it, doesn’t really matter if you got PowerShell knowledge or not, so what better way that using PowerShell Studio to get it done.

so using PowerShell Studio i have combined the script in to a very specific small tool and putting it here so that you all can use it.

Download Instruction PDF from here:

Download Tool from here:


Happy Learning