Sitecore Commerce Journal – Adding New Language in Business Tools

With this 4th blog post on Sitecore Commerce Journal series, sharing a “How-To” about adding a new language to Sitecore Commerce Business Tools.

Sitecore has been doing exceptionally well for supporting implementation of multilingual websites, isn’t it?

How can we not have multiple languages support in Sitecore Commerce? It’s a fundamental need and the feature is there. More blog posts in pipeline for working with localization in sitecore commerce.

I will stick here more to justify the title of the blog post “Adding New Language to Business Tools – Sitecore Commerce” as this is the first step to implement localization in sitecore commerce.

So, here are the steps to configure a new language so that it can appear in Business Tools Language Dropdown,

1) Create language in Sitecore Content Editor under /sitecore/system/Languages using the Add New LanguageAdd new language
2)Navigate to /sitecore/Commerce/Commerce Control Panel/Shared Settings/Language Sets, there would be two language sets defined
  1. Default
  2. Tier-1

As an example, I will mention Default Language set.

Select languages that are required to appear in Business Tools.

3)Make sure Default Language set is selected on a storefront Language Configuration. For e.g. in below screen it is selected on /sitecore/Commerce/Commerce Control Panel/Storefront Settings/Storefronts/CommerceEngineDefaultStorefront/Language Configuration
4)Save and Publish necessary sitecore items that were created or changed like language, Language Sets-> Default and Language Configuration.
5)Opening Business Tools now will still not reflect the new language added to Commerce Storefront in the Content Editor. Perform below steps,
  • From Postman run Clear Cache command
  • Recycle app pool of Authoring Role of Commerce.
6)After App Pool recycle and hitting business tools url again in browser you will be able to see the new language appearing in the “Language displayed” dropdown.