Sitecore Commerce Journal – Redis Troubleshooting – Linux Commands

Sitecore recommends Redis to be installed on a Linux box for production environments so following the guidance we installed and configured Redis for one of our clients onto a Linux box.

Most of team members from our team are well versed with Windows as compared to Linux so we were having a learning curve in order to connect to Redis and troubleshoot few things with it. Sharing our experience and commands that we documented and used to get acquainted with Redis on Linux.

To check Redis logs


sudo tail /etc/redis/redis_log -n 10000

Redis config file


sudo tail /etc/redis/redis.conf -n 10000

Linux system config


sudo tail /etc/sysctl.conf -n 10000

Searching for redis in whole operating system


find / -path /sys -prune -o -path /proc -prune -o -name *redis*

Monitoring Redis Server


redis-cli monitor

Editing any file


sudo vim /etc/redis/redis.conf


:q! — Quit without saving

i — open edit mode

:wq — Save and quit

View file content


sudo echo /path/filename

System Logs are saved in different location


Path : /var/log/messages

open log file command : sudo tail /var/log/messages -n 10000

Checking Memory consumption


Simple view : free -m

detailed view : cat /proc/meminfo

Task Manager



Check date



Check uptime




Flush Redis Cache


redis-cli flushall

Clean Reboot System


sudo reboot

Hope this helps to someone looking for quick command  line guide for Redis on Linux.