Azure Operating System Disk Resize

Recently one of my colleague ask me how to increase the size of Azure VM data disk, which is pretty straight forward however while working on it, i thought it would be nice to have a tool that can increase the size of Operating system disk, because that’s where’s users are usually little skeptical. Hence DiskMan came in to existence, i have made this tool using Powershell Studio, which is amazing and not only helps me in coding but such tools is a great way of learning too.

DiskMan was created to ease the process of increasing operating system disk drive on Azure Virtual Machines.

There are couple of ways you can increase the size of the operating disk, however most of them need some sort of familiarity with Azure portal or Powershell cmdlets, with DiskMan you don’t need to know either of them and you still will be able to increase the operating system disk size.

Here’s the exe link


Here’s the instruction PDF.




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