Disabling rules cache

There are some hidden settings which we do not find in web.config for sitecore. I was introduced to one such setting by Sitecore Support hence thought why not to share it. I was dealing with a problem related to long start-up time taken up by sitecore in our development environment after we do a build. While analysing the sitecore log entries I found it consistently that after,

Cache created: ‘rules’ (max size: 10 bytes, running total: 470MB)

this log entry, sitecore was taking more than two minutes to write another log entry, so thought this might be the problem for slow start up time. This was not the case though and I was wrong.

I enquired with Sitecore support about how to disable rules cache during sitecore start-up, sitecore support informed that rules cache might not be an issue still when I insisted, sitecore support shared a setting to disable rules cache as below,

<setting name=”Rules.MaxCachedRules” value=”0″ />

Cache will be built in bytes based on numeric specified for value attribute.

After making this entry the rules cache was not getting build during start up and I can see it disabled as can be seen from the log entry.

Cache created: ‘rules’ (max size: 0 bytes, running total: 499MB)

Sitecore support was correct and it didn’t made any difference after I disabled rules cache during start up.

So in case if you wish to disable rules cache you can make use of this setting.

I also found very comprehensive and nice read blogs by Robbert Hock
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