Remote LogCollector (Powershell GUI Tool made using Powershell Studio 2015)

Here’s another tool that i have made using Powershell Studio, the purpose of the tool is to collect Event log data from local computer and from remote computer as well.

Once you run the tool you will see there are two tabs Local and Remote. Local tab will only fetch data from local system on which it is running, once the tool is connected to local server using “Connect” button it will auto populate the query section with all the types of available logs.

Select the type of log that you would like to view and say load, it will then populate the data in the white space below step 2.

If you would like to export the results in CSV or HTM format you can select the radio button at the same time you can select “Open Results Automatically” and it will open result for you.

Similarly you can produce same result with steps mentioned above for Remote system, just click on Remote tab, connect to remote system (Powershell required) and it should fetch all the logs details.

Download link:



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