PowerAdmin (A Powershell GUI Tool Made Using Powershell STudio 2015)

For quite some time i have been working on Powershell and i always wanted to have a GUI available for the powershell scripts that i have prepared, there are different ways you can do it, however i find Powershell Studio 2015 as the best way to have a GUI for Powershell.

So here’s the first version of PowerAdmin (beta), the documentation will take some time, but a small description is as below:

1. Local Computer Tab, all the button available on Local Computer tab will execute on local machine, for eg: If you click the Service button you will get only local services.

2. Remote Computer Tab, as the name says, you can fetch information from remote computer, however to do so, you will have to first establish a remote session with the computer.

3. Azure cloud, with limited feature available on PowerAdmin about Azure, you can login to Azure and create VM, get VM info, Delete VM, Get Images, you can even have session with individual computer and find out their process. ( I intend to add more to this as time permits).

4. Security, you can fetch all local LAN info from security tab, for eg: if you click Sweep LAN button, it will go and sweep Lan for IP addresses and find out which service is active on which port.

5. RDP, as the name says, you can create RDP session here.

DOWNLOAD PowerAdmin. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69201487/PowerAdmin(beta)/PowerAdmin.zip

Try out, its not completely ready yet, it’s in beta version, but worth trying.

Happy Powershelling.


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