Schedule Tasks not executing – Processing Server

Are you trying to figure out why a Sitecore Scheduled tasks in not getting executed? There are good amount of reasons for that and you should be looking at these links to get it working for you.

–          Scheduled task is not getting executed

–          Sitecore Schedule task not running

Oh! You already went through these links still the tasks are not running? Keep reading as I too was haunted with the issue.

Thank you Alok Kadudeshmukh (one of the brighter brains around me who blogs about Sitecore at Learn Sitecore Basics) to point me to the correct direction.

Reason why scheduled tasks were not executing

We configured a separate server for Aggregation and Processing and that server was down due to licensing issues. Drilling further into the details I figured out that the agents which are responsible for executing the scheduled tasks are now a part of Sitecore.Processing.config file.


Hence the scheduled tasks get executed on Processing server and not the Content Management server.

When did Sitecore change this?

Sitecore.Processing.config was introduced in Sitecore Experience Platform 8.0 rev. 150121 (8.0 Update-1)

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