Sitecore 7.2 Changes

I will try to highlight the changes that have been introduced in sitecore 7.2. Most of these changes are mentioned in the Release History (Sitecore CMS 7) on SDN, so I will try to dissect how these changes affect our existing code.

General Link field

What changes are made to General Link field?
Below is an extract from Release History (Sitecore CMS 7),

  • General Link field
    • A new LinkField.GetFriendlyUrl() method has been introduced. The method makes it easy to output a valid URL no matter what type of link the field contains. For internal links, the method returns a URL from LinkManager.GetItemUrl(). For media links, the method returns a URL from MediaManager.GetMediaUrl(). For external links, anchor links, e-mail links, and JavaScript links, the method returns the value of the LinkField.Url property. (400051)
    • Changes in the General Link field
      • When you use the General Link field and create an internal link or a media link, Sitecore no longer adds a “url” attribute to the xml that is stored in the field. The “url” attribute is still added when you create other types of links, for example, external links. (388400)

Below is the raw value from sitecore 7.1 and sitecore 7.2 for general link field,


How does it impacts?
Mostly we will use the “url” property of the LinkField to create a url for a page.


In case, if you are migrating from sitecore 7.1 or earlier to sitecore 7.2 and you refer to “url” property then in such cases your code will break.
Alternate Solution
One of the solution to overcome this change is,


I will try to list more changes as and when I come across them.

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