Sitecore Azure Install Management Certificate Bug

This post, “Sitecore Azure install management certificate bug” contains information and resolution about an installation error received while creating a new environment via Sitecore Azure module. The issue is related to generation of “.publishsettings” file.

One of my colleague Shivam Barve faced this issue while he was trying to have his hands on Sitecore Azure installation. Trying to generate .publishsettings via “Install management certificate”, he was not able to download the file from Install Management certificate dialog.


After having his head around with “This page can’t be displayed” error.

Certificate error

I was called in for a helping help. Looking at the error I discovered that the url that is being referred for generation of .publishsetting file was incorrect. It was still using older “” url, but Microsoft has already updated the Azure management portal to “”. So earlier, for generation of .publishsetting file the url was like “” after new Azure portal it is now

I was aware of few knowledge base post for sitecore azure hence visited “Error when installing management certificate for Sitecore Azure” article which explains about two options for generating the .publishsetting file.

Option A did help us generating the .publishsettings file but when we tried uploading it in Sitecore azure we were having “Failed to find certificate in publishsetting file” error.


Now the last card that can rescue us was sitecore support, reply from sitecore support (specifically Yuriy Yurkovsky, thanks to him for providing the solution) agreed that it is a bug for the current module version. Microsoft uses a new PublishSettings schema version in new management portal, and this version is incompatible with current module of sitecore azure. For generating .publishsettings file based on old schemaversion we were asked to use the following url.

Bingo!! That did helped us for generating the correct .publishsettings file.

Further googling about the schema version change and comparing the old and new .publishsettings file I discovered the following change.

publishsettings schema2.0

As highlighted in above image the new publishsetting file has an attribute  SchemaVersion=”2.0″. So if your file contains this attribute it will not work with sitecore azure module. The old publishsetting file looks like,

publishsetting schema

Sitecore support now has reported this as a bug and will notify once the bug is resolved. Oh! Are you worried how will you be notified for the issue resolution? I will update this post once the update is released for Sitecore Azure module. Alternatively you can also keep watch on Sitecore Azure Module page at SDN. Till then keep watching this space and keep sharing sitecore knowledge!

Sitecore has now come up with an alternate solution for fixing this issue check the knowledge base article, “Error installing a management certificate in Sitecore Azure when using the 2.0 format of the publish settings file

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