Sitecore Installation

It has been more than 100 times I would have installed sitecore without any issues, but there are always exceptions in technical world. I am sharing one of my sitecore installations error in this post where I was setting up sitecore in my new machine. We (Me & Kiran) lastly figured out that it had nothing to do with sitecore installation but was issue with IIS installation. So after completing sitecore installation if css, images and javascripts are not loading then below details might be helpful.

So if you see a screen as below after your sitecore installation read further with this post. At first look it seems css, images and javascripts are not loading for sitecore and it might have issue with sitecore installation.

Sitecore installation

To nail down the issue we carried out following steps,

1)      Provide necessary folder access right to Network Service account

2)      Used Fiddler which showed HTTP 200 Ok status for all images and resources.

This made us think there should be some issue with IIS so we made a hit to Default website and got the same response where in the css and images were not loading. So it was now clear there is an issue with IIS installation and not Sitecore.

We moved to check which features have not been available on IIS and found that,

Turn windows features on or off => Internet Information Services => World Wide Web Services => Common HTTP Features => Static Content

Was not checked after enabling the feature IIS was up to the mark and my sitecore installation too.

Even the tool tip was giving some hint.

Static content

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