Sitecore mobile website – Separate content tree structure part 2

This post is Part 2 of the series for sharing information about sitecore mobile implementation where the content is not shared with other sites for e.g. desktop site and mobile site have different content architecture. The requirements for the implementation can be,

–          Content is different between mobile site ( and desktop site (

–          Few pages might share the content from other site.

–          Sub-domain should be used for mobile site for e.g

Information about mobile device, layouts, sublayouts etc is covered in Sitecore mobile website – Shared content tree structure – Part -1

Content Tree

A new website can be defined for mobile site which will hold all pages and content.

sitecore mobile site - Separate - 1

Sharing content

There might be a requirement for few pages to derive their content from other site, in such scenario Cloning can be used. More details about cloning can be found at Content Author’s Reference and Cookbook


Now define a new website in web.config file to map you mobile site content to Refer to the section for web.config file in part-1.

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