Sitecore8 Logout Bug

I might be “the fewer ones” who got chance to work on an upgrade project from Sitecore 6.6 to Sitecore8. During our initial installation phase when I was playing around with Sitecore8 discovered a bug with the Logout link available at the top right corner of Sitecore Launch Pad.

Sitecore8 Logout

Do you ever logout from Sitecore? I have seen most of the users directly closing the browser, instead of doing it a correct way and logging out. Logging out correctly doesn’t matters if your license covers huge number of logins, however if you have limited logins licensed and users do not logout, often you might come across a message stating maximum number of allowed users has been reached. If you have come across such a message here is a very nice article explaining the solution.

So, you have just logged in Sitecore8 to get a snitch of it and clicked on “Logout” link it comes up with error as shown below.



This happens only for the first time when you click on Logout link. Using browser back button and clicking again on Logout will not reproduce this issue. It’s just for the first time in a new browser session.

Sitecore Support has provided a solution for it and that is what I am sharing it here,

1. Backup /Website/Views/Shared/ExperienceExplorerView.cshtml

2. Download, extract and replace ExperienceExplorerView.cshtml at /Website/Views/Shared folder.

That’s all I have to share in this post, keep Sitecoring and sharing.

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